• 【Appetizers】

    • Grilled cheese

      Grilled cheese

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Bake the cheese in an oven, make it a tortoise, and eat it with minced pickles on it.It is a hidden dish with exquisite compatibility of rice with cheese and Nara.

    • Homemade roast pork

      Homemade roast pork

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Crispy roast pork and onion slices of chrysanthemum.There is no mistake between secret homemade sage and meat!

    • Green soybeans

      Green soybeans

      280 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a dish of the first thing that made salt work firmly.Edamame has alcohol decomposition effect, so please order first ♪

    • Assorted salami platter

      Assorted salami platter

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      A classic dish ☆ Please accompany the wine ♪ Napleselami / Coppa / Mortadella

    • Salted Seed Cucumber

      Salted Seed Cucumber

      280 yen (excluding tax)

      I capped the cucumber with ingredients of the taste ingredient king's amino acid plenty of salt kelp, and made it an adult's knob

    • Kimchi


      280 yen (excluding tax)

      Even if it is full of stomach at the second party, the spicyness that is spirited advances chopsticks again with a bite!

    • Takowasabi


      380 yen (excluding tax)

      Because it is a classic snack that is everywhere Takawazabi want to eat

    • Avocado cream chanja

      Avocado cream chanja

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Avocado and cream cheese, it is a dish not in other shops that have combined the changer !!! Avocados and cheese wrapped around the spicyness of the changer! Mild taste! Enjoy snacks!

    • Toast


      630 yen (excluding tax)

      Taking time to spare, we made paste of sea urchin and cream cheese and topped it in French bread.

    • Caponata

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Traditional dishes of Italy, Naples! Tomato based vegetable stewed dishes

    • Oyster pickled in oil

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Bar's classic cuisine ☆ plenty of delicious oyster ☆

    • Tomato slice

      Tomato slice

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a strange cuisine with Italian dressing applied to tomato slices!

  • 【Sashimi】

    • Fresh fish carpaccio

      Fresh fish carpaccio

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Carpaccio with fresh fresh fish of the day ☆ accompanied with lemon-flavored dressing

    • Three sashimi assorted platter

      Three sashimi assorted platter

      1280 yen (excluding tax)

      We serve seasonal sashimi and offer delicious sashimi.

  • [Salad]

    • Roasted egg with roast pork salad

      Roasted egg with roast pork salad

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Caesar salad popular with women! It is reputed that roast pork and semi egg are intertwined and delicious!

    • Rich Blue Cheese Potato Salad

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Rich flavors of blue cheese and potato salad are the best match ♪ Ideal for cheese lovers

    • Onion salad ~ Refresh with Momijji grated ponzu ~

      Onion salad ~ Refresh with Momijji grated ponzu ~

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a salad that you can eat refreshing with Momijji Okonomi Ponzu with Kujo Onega!

    • Grilled vegetables with teppanyaki Bagna cauda

      Grilled vegetables with teppanyaki Bagna cauda

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      A dish with plenty of multipurpose vegetables! With special Bagna cowder sauce.Asparagus / paprika / young corn / okra / eggplant / long / pet tomato

  • 【Fried】

    • French fries

      French fries

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a classic potato with fried fish that made it strong for a little salty taste to suit sake as well.

    • Deep-fried squid's chilli

      Deep-fried squid's chilli

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      A bit of spicy taste makes it easy to get addictive! It is excellent compatibility with draft beer !!

    • garlic shrimp

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Flavored ice with white wine with shells ♪ It is a dish finished with garlic butter ☆

    • Deep-fried Oku Mikawa chicken

      Deep-fried Oku Mikawa chicken

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a deliciously delicious deep-fried Oku Mikawa chicken tasted carefully in the underlying flavor.

    • Fried yogis hokkoku

      Fried yogis hokkoku

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      It is deep fried but it can be eaten as many pieces as you can, you can taste it.It is a popular standard product.

    • Scallop cream fly

      Scallop cream fly

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Juicy scallops are in the clothing! Taste it with homemade tartar sauce and enjoy it.

    • Pork cutlet cutlet (1 bottle)

      Pork cutlet cutlet (1 bottle)

      200 yen (excluding tax)

      Please choose the taste from three types of sauce, sauce and sauce ponzu sauce.

    • Shirako's frit ~ Kecka sauce ~

      Shirako's frit ~ Kecka sauce ~

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Fritto fresh milt in plenty! In Italy with a familiar kicker sauce ☆ Kicker sauce is a cold tomato sauce

  • 【Teppantaki】

    • Roasted camembert cheese ~ basketed ~

      Roasted camembert cheese ~ basketed ~

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      I roasted Camembert, which is popular among women, in a splendid manner.Please eat in bucket.

    • Small shrimp and mushroom ahijo - with bucket ~

      Small shrimp and mushroom ahijo - with bucket ~

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Bar's popular dish ◎ Prawn and mushrooms are compatible ◎ It is a popular dish now also known for many generations.

    • Shrimp dumpling

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Dumpling with plenty of shrimps ♪ It's a popular dish regardless of gender ☆

    • Konari konnyakudakaku

      Konari konnyakudakaku

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a dish with eggs of eggs in konnyaku.Please enjoy with soy sauce and miso.It is a piece of addiction that addictive feeling of konjaki konnyaku is boring.

    • Grilled eggplant with iron plate cheese grill

      Grilled eggplant with iron plate cheese grill

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      One dishes cooked with maso proudly using plenty of cheese roasted on a grilled eggplant

    • Sweet potato butter

      Sweet potato butter

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      We finished Yokosuka with Hokuhoku with iron plate.It is a popular dish made with sweet soy sauce.

    • Meat wrapped asparagus

      Meat wrapped asparagus

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      In order to make use of asparagus and pork ingredients, bake + steam on iron plate.Please try sweet asparagus and pure juicy umami.It is a dish that enters Iron God popularity number 5!

    • Trout cheese sushi rolls Akuta Maya

      Trout cheese sushi rolls Akuta Maya

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Regardless of gender, new menu 1 popular Akuta cheese sushi roll !! Trout cheese overflowing from the egg, please enjoy Meita Mayo sauce.

  • [Meat]

    • Assorted grilled sausage

      Assorted grilled sausage

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Assorted sausages that you can enjoy various flavors! There are 5 types of "normal, curry, chorizo, black pepper, basil" ☆

    • Kuroge Wagyu beef steak ~ with truffle salt and mountain auction ~

      Kuroge Wagyu beef steak ~ with truffle salt and mountain auction ~

      1380 yen (excluding tax)

      Truffle salt and mountain auce will be served in spices.Please try Kuroge Wagyu beef cooked with iron plate and confined the taste of meat.※ The photograph is an image.

    • Domestically produced hormones

      Domestically produced hormones

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      I made it with carefully selected hormones and shrimp vegetables.Because this is a fresh material it is this purity!

    • Hamburger steak with black wagyu beef

      930 yen (excluding tax)

      Juicy hamburger steak with plenty of Kuroge Wagyu beef ☆

    • Foie gras sautee ~ truffle sauce ~

      Foie gras sautee ~ truffle sauce ~

      1380 yen (excluding tax)

      Sautéed foie gras exquisitely with steel plate! We finished in elegant adult cuisine with truffle sauce.I used two of the world's three great delicacies luxuriously.

  • 【Seafood】

    • Oyster's garlic butter

      Oyster's garlic butter

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Steamed oyster with shells on it! Finally finished with bread crumbs.The inside is pretty good outside the crispy items.

    • Extra large scallop butter soy sauce

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      One dish with oversized scallops ♪ The umami of scallops does not accumulate! ※ Limited quantity

    • Steamed clams with white wine

      Steamed clams with white wine

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      The clams that received the blessings of the sea are treated with the unique taste of the iron god to maximize the taste of the ingredients as much as possible. Since it is steaming over time, it is a piece that is solemnly soft and impregnated with taste!

  • 【Okonomoiyaki】

    • Nagoya


      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Because it makes seasoning based on soy sauce, you can taste the sweetness originally of Kujo Negi firmly.Kujo Onega is also lavishly and lavishly, so please enjoy the texture as well.

    • Grilled Hiroshima

      Grilled Hiroshima

      830 yen (excluding tax)

      Hiroshima yaki made with thick rice noodles.Please try authentic authentic flavor!

    • Meringue Fluffy iron god's favorite grilled pork ball / seafood

      Meringue Fluffy iron god's favorite grilled pork ball / seafood

      780/830 yen (excluding tax)

      After repeated trials, fluffy superb item Okonomiyaki! When you come to Iron God, please be sure to order!

    • Fondue source topping

      Fondue source topping

      300 yen (excluding tax)

      Compatibility between Torotoro's cheese and okonomiyaki ◎

  • 【Fried noodles】

    • Old-fashioned sauce with yakisoba pork / seafood

      Old-fashioned sauce with yakisoba pork / seafood

      680/730 yen (excluding tax)

      First of all! Delicious noodles! Great thick noodles, sauce made with that noodle! It is really delicious!

    • Salt-grilled soba pork / seafood

      Salt-grilled soba pork / seafood

      680/730 yen (excluding tax)

      We use the same noodles as sauce with yakisoba and cook delicious salt sagari.

  • 【Monjataki】

    • Mochi Meita cheese monkey

      Mochi Meita cheese monkey

      1080 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a best-match dish with Mentaiko and cheese in melt rice cake that is immovable number 1 ☆ absolutely impossible to remove in Monjyaki.

    • Pork kimchee monkey

      1080 yen (excluding tax)

      Stamina Monja Yaki popular among youngsters and youngsters !! The flavor of pigs and the sourness of kimchi intensify appetite.

    • Camembert Monjya

      1180 yen (excluding tax)

      ♪ one piece without any mistakes in the instant ♪ If the central camembert cheese melts out, the taste becomes even thicker ☆

  • 【Risotto】

    • Clams tomato risotto

      Clams tomato risotto

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Tomato risotto with plenty of clams! The extract of clams and sourness of tomatoes are the best match

    • Gorgonzola cheese cream risotto

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Rich cream risotto taste of cheese ripe! Finished black pepper ◎

  • 【Rice】

    • Kuroge Wagyu beef garlic rice

      Kuroge Wagyu beef garlic rice

      880 yen (excluding tax)

      Fry garlic and butter at once in a steel plate.Kuroge Wagyu beef's taste and garlic rice are intertwining and it's an exquisite recommended cooking dish!

    • Ochazuke


      Each 480 yen (excluding tax)

      Choose from three types of plum, salt kelp and salmon.

  • [Dessert]

    • Sweet sweet potato

      Sweet sweet potato

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Toppings rich vanilla ice in hot sweet potatoes.A hot and cold mysterious feeling is a piece of addiction.

    • Strawberry Millefeuille

      Strawberry Millefeuille

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Milfieu with plenty of strawberries ☆ The sweetness of custard and strawberries does not accumulate in crispy pie cloth! It is a stylish dish that you want to eat when you see it ♪

    • Homemade Katarana

      Homemade Katarana

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Catalana made with time and labor spare time.Our number one popular dessert!

    • Burned vanilla ice of Nagoya Cochin Egg

      Burned vanilla ice of Nagoya Cochin Egg

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      Nagoya Cochin 's eggs' rich flavor is coming!

    • Season of sherbet

      Season of sherbet

      430 yen (excluding tax)

      We will offer the sherbet that fits the season.Mango sherbet etc etc this month!